Monday, October 13, 2014


Although I am neither a vegan nor a vegetarian, I'm always on the lookout for non-meat options at street food stalls. Some tacos de guidados stands offer rajas con crema, calabacitas, or chiles rellenos, but in  general, it's the carnivores who reign in Mexico City. So I was intrigued when I noticed a little white stand at a corner near my house with the sign 'Vegana Taqueria'.  I've been several times now,  and have noticed the crowds growing each time.  Oddy, all their tacos are named after meat (chorizo de soya, trigo al pastor, etc.), and with all the toppings provided, you might have a hard time telling the difference. I did notice they use quite a bit of oil in the preparation, so I'm not sure how healthy these guys are, but they sure taste good.  

Vegana Taqueria is located on Calle Manzanillo near the corner of Chipas in Colonia Roma (one block from the Sears store, half a block from Insurgentes). Here's a link on google maps: 

Open 6:30PM until midnight daily

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Urban treasure hunters looking to furnish an apartment, find a rare piece of Spratling silver, old Mexican ceramics, toys--just about anything (even Nazi memorabilia)--will be happy spending a few hours at one of the city's flea markets. Here's a list below--an excerpt from the upcoming new edition of my book--of the places where I've had the best luck. 


Lagunilla Flea Market is on Reforma near Jaime Nuno (just north of Metro stop Garibaldi). This is the best flea market in the city. Only on Sundays. 

Cuauhtémoc Flea Market takes place in the small park (Parque Dr. Ignacio Chávez) on Av. Cuauhtémoc, between Dr. Liceaga and Dr. Juan Navarro, just across from Jardín Pushkin in Colonia Roma—Saturdays and Sundays.

Portales Market, Rumania between Libertad and Santa Cruz, near metro Portales, is a scrappy affair, but treasures can be found. There’s a big used furniture store nearby at Montes de Oca 391. Open daily, but best on weekends.

Plaza del Ángel (Londres 161 and Hamburgo 150, Zona Rosa). Saturday and Sunday flea market, more upscale than the others in town.

Alantigua, Guanajuato 133 (near Jalapa in Colonia Roma) is a junk/furniture shop, open M-W-F only.