Sunday, August 3, 2008


I confess that I'm not a big shopper, which probably comes across in my book. I recently got an email from a reader who pointed out my slighting of the Bazaar Sabado in San Angel, often mentioned as a shopping highlight in Mexico City. Here's another take on it from Robin--she speaks of what she knows (see her website

"So, now to my question/comment-bazaar sabado-ugly art? i am not completely sure whether you are referring to some of the work in the plaza san jacinto or to the work inside the bazaar, but i think you are not doing the place justice. We have a very good friend who now has a stand inside (after being in the park for 26 years) whose work is very salable for us, her name is Enrica Ruiz and she makes grabados that are definitely "cute" but technically very fine. She won a national award for printmaking for one of her pieces, and had her designs ripped off by a US greeting card company once. Nevertheless, her grabados are extremely portable and we find collectible (I am thinking tourists here). She is in the courtyard near the miniature bicycle person-also cool stuff. If you ever go, please take some time to meet her and send her our regards. There's the baroque jewelery, also nice, and no one should miss the miniature toothpick guy! I agree much of what is there is not my taste, but between that and the display of art in the plaza (one of the artists has a mural in the df airport in a restaurant past security) and the labyrinth of tiaguis around the corner, and the artesania around the plaza we find this to be far more appealing than La Ciudadela. In fact, we have found the prices to be better in a number of cases. This excursion can also be beautifully combined with lunch at San Angel Inn and a subsequent visit to the Diego Rivera museum/house."

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I've been looking for contact information of Enrica Ruiz. I bought some of her grabados in a trip to Mexico City and I would love to get more. I know this was posted long ago, but maybe this could help to find her. You can contact me by email at
Thank you!

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